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May 10,2023

Top Reasons for Using an Industrial Mats

Floor mats are an essential item that is a part of any office, factory, or home. Mats come in different sizes and shapes. One type of mat that is specially designed for withstanding the tough conditions of industries is the industrial floor mat. These mats have various features that will not only protect the floor of your factory but will also make increase productivity. The right type of floor in a work setting can help prevent injuries by minimizing the risk of falls. In this blog, we will take a look at various types of industrial floor mats that are ideal for heavy machinery and increasing worker productivity. Moreover, you will also learn what makes these floor mats so useful.

Types of Industrial Mats 

When it comes to industrial buildings, the typical environment that you imagine is of factory workers, heavy machinery, sparks flying everywhere, and a hustling and bustling work floor. Industrial mats are purpose-built to provide maximum grip and survive the conditions of the factory or a manufacturing plant. There are mainly two kinds of industrial mats according to their use.

Floor Protection Mats

These types of mats are constructed to deliver maximum grip and reduce the risk of slipping. They are usually laid on ramps, stairs, and floor areas of an industrial facility. Most importantly, these mats protect the floor from grease stains and spillage of chemicals, which are commonplace in many work facilities. These mats are made from rubber, so they are resistant to oily stains and chemicals. 

Anti Fatigue or Anti-Slip Mats 

Employee productivity plays a key role in any industrial or workplace environment. Anti-fatigue maps are geared towards providing a safe floor cushion that facilitates standing for long periods of time while experiencing little fatigue or exhaustion. Moreover, these mats also absorb dust and dirt so as to prevent the contamination of soil from one room to the next. This is particularly significant as many workplaces, such as pharmaceutical factories, industrial labs, and food industries, require a hygienic environment to meet quality standards. 

Advantages of Placing Industrial Floor Mats for Your Workplace

Boost in Worker Efficiency

If you are the manager of a factory or a business, naturally, you would want your employees to perform to the best of their abilities, as this would increase profitability. Providing a safe and comfortable work environment is one of the prerequisites for an efficient workforce. Floor mats such as anti-fatigue mats provide workers with adequate foot support to enable them to stand for long periods. Laying industrial floor mats at the entrances of rooms would ensure that moisture and dirt are not carried into the room by any worker. This will result in clean and dry floors that reduce the risk of slipping. Anti-slip mats are great for draining spills as well as providing a good grip which means that workers are less likely to slip and suffer from injury. These mats can be used to cover ramps and steps to give a solid footing to employees, even if these surfaces are wet. Using these mats would not only decrease the absenteeism of employees due to injuries but the company will also be saved from the cost of giving medical insurance in case of serious wounds or fractures. 

Damage Protection of Industrial Floors

Heavy machinery used in factories consists of a lot of moving parts, and this causes the machines to vibrate against the factory floor. Over the course of years, this can damage the floor, and floor tiles can get broken and stained due to the constant vibration of the machine. Floor protection rubber mats that are made from thick rubber are perfect for absorbing the relentless impacts of machine vibration. Such cushioning of the floor also lengthens the useful life of the machine as well. If the shocks are not absorbed and the machinery vibrates against the hard concrete surfaces, the internal components of the machine can get shaken out of place or, even worse, get damaged. Such machine failures are not beneficial for any factory and would only increase maintenance costs and time delays.

Reduce the Risk of Fires and Industrial Accidents

Many industrial environments carry a risk of fires and electrocution. This is particularly true for electricity generation plants where high voltages are a danger to employees. In addition to this, friction between moving machine parts can result in static charge buildup, which is dangerous for employees. Rubber industrial mats provide insulation against electrical charges and provide an effective grounding medium to keep hence protecting employees from electric shock.

Long-Lasting and Tough

If you're looking to select good industrial anti-fatigue mats, synthetic rubber is a great option. It's not only durable and able to withstand machine vibrations and corrosive chemicals but also resistant to UV radiation. Plus, synthetic rubber is scratch-resistant and can handle the wear and tear of a busy workshop with floor tools.

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